Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TOKONE 5次元タイツちゃん Tights

T o k o n e

I ended up accidently coming over Tokone once when I was going though a crazy tights phase! I happened to accidently again come across them from one of my bookmarks and finally did an order.

These tights are are 5184 yen with tax. 

5 Dimensional Tights Chan

They are little bit on the expensive side.. but in the end you are paying for tights made in Japan, and are so freaking anime!? ANIME GIRLS AND TENTICALS WOO. Plus they're also meant to be mecha legs, i'm pretty into that, 

The packaging for them is super cute and simple, giving you a peek of the electric madness you're going to be exposed to.

Just, there's no words, it's so colourful! The tights themselves feel so sturdy.
When putting them on they do loose abit of their vibrancy but that is to be expected

You can see around the thighs that they have faded because well, I don't have skinny minny thighs. I am actually the max measurements suggested for these tights (165 CM), if I was shorter I wouldn't have this issue! Otherwise they really do stand out enough.  (Does suck that it doesn't come out like their model pictures)

Size (Size)
Height (Height): 150cm ~ 165cm (4 '10 "-5' 5") 
Hip (Hip): 85 ~ 98cm (40-46) (26-31inch)
(Material) Material
80 denier / 80DENIER 
polyester (PL / POLYESTER) 95% polyurethane (PU / POLYURETHANE) 5%

Would hihihihihigly recommend!