Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gordan freeman cosplay

Sorry for my half ass effort! But this was for a work function :) I'm going to work on this cosplay in more detail soon. I couldn't wear long sleeves due to... TATTOOS! And yes, I got half life tattoos :)
See all pictures below.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Q-pot donuts!

I've been hanging out for this release so much!

I'm pretty sure this is the first time that Q-pot has done a donut release - and my gosh am I excited :)

I ordered these 2 babies from their international store. Shipping was priced well (only 1100yen)
But the packaging! So big for such tiny necklaces :) 

They're very, very worth the price (9000yen each) - the donuts are a little squishy also. Took around 5 days to get here overall.

Taaadaaa! Just so cute

Circle lenses - エティア 14.5mm

So! I finally got a new pair of contacts and, well let's say they're very pink. I always have trouble finding contacts that the colours really show in my eyes! They're alittle expensive (40aud) for 1 month use only- but you only have one pair of eyes.
They're from エティア, and if you google this- there's a range of rakuten stores that will sell them 

Sunday, 8 November 2015


i'm the worst human on earth! I just forget this exists :)

in my time away from this blog, i've been working on a cosplay!

GORDAN FREEMAN COSPLAY! -Excuse the skirt, progress pictures of the rest of the suit coming-

I haven't got too much left to go - I do need it ready by this Saturday :) I'll be adding a speaker into this also eventually.

More shots to come. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Well guess who went to Japan

Well I guess that's me!

I didn't write much about it because, well I honestly didn't do too much! Except shop. I felt like I found another side of me when i was there..... American Vintage.

Funny that, going to Japan to be obsessed with American things? 

ended up finding some awsome american vintage football shirts!
ohhh yeah.

Afew more random photo's from the trip.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TOKONE 5次元タイツちゃん Tights

T o k o n e

I ended up accidently coming over Tokone once when I was going though a crazy tights phase! I happened to accidently again come across them from one of my bookmarks and finally did an order.

These tights are are 5184 yen with tax. 

5 Dimensional Tights Chan

They are little bit on the expensive side.. but in the end you are paying for tights made in Japan, and are so freaking anime!? ANIME GIRLS AND TENTICALS WOO. Plus they're also meant to be mecha legs, i'm pretty into that, 

The packaging for them is super cute and simple, giving you a peek of the electric madness you're going to be exposed to.

Just, there's no words, it's so colourful! The tights themselves feel so sturdy.
When putting them on they do loose abit of their vibrancy but that is to be expected

You can see around the thighs that they have faded because well, I don't have skinny minny thighs. I am actually the max measurements suggested for these tights (165 CM), if I was shorter I wouldn't have this issue! Otherwise they really do stand out enough.  (Does suck that it doesn't come out like their model pictures)

Size (Size)
Height (Height): 150cm ~ 165cm (4 '10 "-5' 5") 
Hip (Hip): 85 ~ 98cm (40-46) (26-31inch)
(Material) Material
80 denier / 80DENIER 
polyester (PL / POLYESTER) 95% polyurethane (PU / POLYURETHANE) 5%

Would hihihihihigly recommend!

Monday, 20 October 2014

So help me bread


Long time no blogging! I've been apparently busy with life but now time to slow it all down and get back to business. Bread has and is taking over my life, so is pancakes! My love for chocolate has not dwindled, just my love for food is growing.

Another thing is my love for Lolita has defiantly.. going. My friends who I used to wear lolita with have all moved on and our comm is not as active. Wearing otome on the other hand has really changed me and also my lifestyle. I was never a less is more person.. But I am now.

Or maybe I'm just getting old, heh, heh... heh...


So I managed to snap up some harder to find pieces from Bortsprungt. They're an adorable brand who have a very odd attention to detail. Unfortunately it does have it's price to pay for something so quirky. 

I got 2 Pieces from their JAM bread series, a cute simple cutsew dress and the kimono inspired cut version of it + Q-pot Pakapan bread top! 


The thing that gives this Bortsprungt series it's JAM is the fake wax jam stains which have been purposely designed onto it. It's an adorable idea bwahahha.. 

Next is 3 PANCAKEEEEEEEEEE/HONEY items. Punyus brought out a pancake series not to long ago. I'm defiantly going to get the skirt version of it! 
Below it is the Franche Lippee pancake top. I've never felt material so amazing and all the stitching on it is done in gold thread. I'm pretty devastated I missed out on this series but I will slowly hunt it all down. If I had known how good the quality of the material was I would of forked out abit for it!
Next is Haco x Melantrick Hemlighet Honey Bear dress. This is SUCH a simple dress but it makes its design pop! Bee's and honey!? SO CUTE.

Upclose Detail of the honey, they tried to make it all super shiney compared to the rest of the dress.
Below is the details on the Franche Lippee top


Next is a pretty big deal for me, Q-pot is my life but for them to make a headbow.. with Tommy !!! OH MY. ALSO, it's meant to sort of look like kitty ears, oh my, kitty choco headbow YUES?

And it came with her signature <3<3<3 
The Ring is also detachable~

Look at that chocolate sticky tape.. Also Tommy's Logo is on the back of the right ear. 


Thanks for viewing <3