Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hello lovlies !

I've been away so long~
So much has happened in the few months, currently moved out to the heart of the city. Life has been so hectic. 

I'm finally ready to blog again! 

I've felt in the pass few months, Otome really grabbing all the spotlight.

Fint + Milk + Viviennewestwood/Melissa

Emily Temple Cute + Q-pot

Emily Temple Cute + Q-pot + Amavel + Swimmer + Melissa\Vivienne Westwood
Emily Temple Cute & Milk are just to fun and easy to wear <3.

Lately I've been researching more sort of Otome Styles and I came across two new favourite brands.

Melantrick Hemlighet and Bortsprungt.
They're both indie brands and I say, are defiantly unique. It's a good flair for the casual attire

Bortsprungt Knives and Forks OP

Bortsprungt Donut OP
Melantrick Hemlighet cat tail OP

Ahh thoes antlers!
View their websites here:

I actually happened to get somthing from Melantrick Hemlighet. The Spaghetti Sailor dress
Spaghetti.... So deliciously cute!  

It happens to have two pockets and an adorable spaghetti bow on the chest that has been screen transferred on! The fit is something that I love, baggy. It has no problems accounting for a 84 CM and long spaghetti arms! 

I'll be reviewing some other brands and writing a guide on how to use fromjapan! 

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